Over and Under-rated College Basketball Teams in 2016-17

There are some teams in college basketball that are not given the credit that they deserve. Some of these teams are unrated and their players often go unnoticed. There are other teams that get too much credit. They are not living up to expectations. These are some of the most underrated and overrated teams in college basketball.

Michigan State- Overrated

This team has a good chance of winning some big games but they have lost four of their starting players. Other players have not averaged more than nine points in a single game. While coach Tom Izzo is trying his team is not one of the best teams in the nation like they are expected to be.

Dayton- Underrated

This team is able to beat many of the teams in the top 25 if they were able to face off against them. Four of their five starters are back from last reasons and they have learned to work together as a team. There are some new players that are helping them score some points. Many are wondering why this team has been passed up.

Texas- Overrated

This team had experienced players as last season came to an end. This year while the team is not bad they are just okay. The starters on this team have not been impressing fans or critics. This team still has a lot of work to do if they want to stay in the top 25.

Virginia Tech- Underrated

This team is ready to make their first NCAA appearance in almost a decade. They have won seven of their past nine games and their players from the previous season are showing off their skill. The team is growing and they should find themselves climbing up the ranks sometime soon.

Maryland- Overrated

At the beginning of the season this was one of the most experienced college teams in all of the country. They had four starters that were able to score around 50 points in every game and had 20 rebounds per game. This year the starters are gone and have moved on. This team is not performing up to expectations and many fans are losing interest in this team and their poor record.

Ohio State- Underrated

This team does not have the best ranking in the country. Currently they were ranked number 40 which is not that impressive. There is hope for this team. Matta is one of the best coaches in all of college basketball. This team has some of the youngest players to play college ball as well. There are some freshmen that need to find their place and build up their confidence. With a great coach and some talent this team will appear higher in the ranks in no time.

These college teams are some of the most overrated and underrated college basketball teams. All of the teams have the talent but without team building skills and the support of fans these teams will not get the chance at college basketball like they deserve.

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